Skrzat i lis

The Tomten and the Fox

from 6 y/o

Norwegian, original language, voice-over PL

In winter, a hungry fox sneaks into the hen house to steal a hen, but is caught red handed by a tomten. When the little guard realizes that the animal is hungry, he offers the fox his oatmeal. Will the fox be able to trust him? After all, so far he could only trust himself.


Yaprak Morali

She has worked in various animation studios in Europe and Asia until she settled in Oslo, Norway, where she has been working at Qvisten Animation since 2008 as animation director and director.

Are Austnes

A graduate of Fine Arts, Are has been working in the animation industry. After his studies at Volda Media School in Norway and then The Animation Workshop in Denmark, Are has been working as production designer and director at Qvisten Animation.